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Our homes are all inclusive packages. The price includes everything needed to build your dream home. These items include topography map, custom design, all permits, architectural committee representation, independent engineering, soil testing, hydrology study (if appropriate), computer drafted plans, and quality home construction with a substantial landscaping allowance. Also, all specific contract allowances are at builder’s cost allowing you the option of adding to these items without any builder mark-up.

Our “Eco-Comfort™” Homes in The Canyons incorporate the latest building science and green construction practices to produce high quality homes with a tight thermal building envelope. These homes provide supreme comfort, energy savings, safety, and durability. We always use 2x6 framing at exterior walls to allow for maximum insulation and all of our ductwork is carefully sealed to meet an air leakage standard of less than 3%. This is a tough standard and not one commonly attained in residential construction. This is a smart choice because it makes the most sense to conserve expensive, conditioned air. Tight ductwork also provides more balanced pressures in the home and reduces the amount of unhealthy air drawn into the conditioned space from the crawl or attic space. Our windows are extremely efficient and all of our insulation is inspected for content and quality of installation. We also foam insulate around all windows and doors.


















Sun Pine “Eco Comfort”™ Homes

The term “green” as applied to residential design and construction has become an overused and confusing description. Probably the best definition of a green home is one that can be produced and continue to be operated over the long term without adversely affecting the environment or compromising future generations.  Generally green building guidelines cover six interrelated principles: optimizing the building site, minimizing energy and resource use, conserving and protecting water, using environmentally sustainable products, enhancing indoor air quality, and optimizing maintenance. There is a lot of “green washing” among today’s builders and homeowners. Merely claiming that a home is green because it has bamboo flooring and natural paint, despite a leaky duct system can be misleading. We feel that the most important principle of green design and construction is producing a home that is highly energy efficient and then having it independently tested to prove its performance. Such high performance homes have the lowest environmental footprint and will have the added benefits of health, comfort, and durability.

Also, because of increasing energy costs, global warming, and a greater need to conserve natural resources, it is both conscionable and economically wise to incorporate energy conservation features in a home. When you factor the savings in increasing energy costs over time, these features are good investments and are an asset for resale. A good start is selecting to build a Sun Pine Eco-Comfort™ Home. These homes have many energy efficient features and are Energy Star certified by an independent rater-- E3 Energy. This means that the home will be approximately 20% more efficient than homes constructed to the 2006 model International Energy Conservation Code (See Energy Star Fact Sheet), and 40% effient than a typical new home.

This package is standard on all homes built in The Canyons at Granite Park. Because of the point of diminishing returns, many of these items are a much better choice than just adding more insulation. Improperly installed insulation even in one small area creates a much higher energy loss than having less insulation that’s installed properly. With all of our homes, we make sure that you get the insulation you pay for and that it is installed correctly with minimal voids, compression, and misalignment. Our Energy Star rated “Eco Comfort” Homes include the following features:


Optional Upgrades (Partial List)


Other Energy Efficient & “Green Options”


* Our distinguishing features are standard on all homes built in The Canyons. However we reserve the option to modify or reduce this list for specific contracts where a customer has negotiated more restricted features to reduce costs and subsequent contract price. Individual contract specifications should be referenced.


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